FAQ and submissions

How can I contact you?

By email: poetrygeneration2020@gmail.com

By phone: (UK) 07310 137419 

What is PoetryGeneration?

Quite simply it is a website and selection of social media that posts videos of one poem a day, read by an older person in isolation due to the coronavirus. It is a way to ensure older people remain visible in a positive way while also creating a library of poetry videos to be enjoyed by all.

How did you come up with the idea?

I thought of this idea when my 4 year old son said he would like to hear the poem that my mum reads him at her house, usually while snuggled on the sofa – The Triantiwontigongolope by CJ Dennis. I asked my mum to record a video of herself reading it, for him to watch whenever he liked, which she did, and realised how lovely it might be to have a whole library of these to be accessed freely by anyone, as a gift from one generation to another – a virtual snuggle until we are free to do it in person again.

Who can record a poem?

Anyone older person in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Do I need to be a grandparent?


What poems can I record?

Any poem that is out of copyright – this means the author needs to have been dead for 70 years or more. If you need help in checking this please email poetrygeneration2020@gmail.com

You can also record more recent poems and I will endeavour to contact the poet and publisher to get permission to upload these – this may take some time.

Can I repeat a poem that has already been done by Poetry Generation?

Yes – it might be nice to show a few different ways of reading the same poem.

What rights am I giving you when I send my video?

By submitting your video you are giving us the right to upload it to this website and to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels, and understand that other people may link to these via other channels.

Can I ask for my video to be taken down?

Please don’t. Our aim is to have one a day for as long as we are isolating, maybe longer, and it would be nice to keep all of these available indefinitely. If you think you might change your mind about having your video available for others to see, then don’t send it.

Does my video have to be professionally produced?

No – just film yourself using ‘selfie’ mode on your phone or tablet, or ask someone else to film you using these. (Though if you are an isolating video producer or animator and want to make something more exciting than this, please do so).

Do you need to see my face?

Yes please – the project is as much about ensuring older people remain visible parts of our lives as it is about the poetry.

Do I need to read it ‘properly’?

No. Just read it as you would if reading it to a child you know. There is no need to act or project or add flourishes – unless you want to.

Do you need to know my name?

Yes please, but let me know if you don’t want it published. It would be great to know roughly where in the country you are too please (again, let me know if you do not want this to be published).

Will you accept submissions from abroad?

Yes, if you are also an older person in isolation due to coronavirus.

Will you accept submissions in other languages?

No, just in English please. But feel free to start your own PoetryGeneration channels in other languages. If you are planning to do this and want advice on setting this up, do please email me poetrygeneration2020@gmail.com.

Can I record more than one poem?

Yes, but just one poem per video please.

How can I send you the video?

Please send using one of the following methods:

Wetransfer to poetrygeneration2020@gmail.com
Whatsapp to 07310 137419 (this is a +44 UK number for those outside the UK)

For a step by step guide to using these please email poetrygeneration2020@gmail.com to ask for one.

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